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What Is a Free Foreclosure Review?

The news is full of stories of banks wrongfully foreclosing on homeowners. Your Lender and Trustees have laws and procedures they must follow to validly foreclose and take someone’s home. Everyday homes are improperly and illegally foreclosed upon. That is where we come in.

Free Foreclosure Review is a report on your present foreclosure situation. This Free Foreclosure Review will help homeowners understand the foreclosure process in detail as well as understanding what their options are before wasting thousands of dollars on services not worthy.

This program was established before the large robo-signing settlement was finalized, and is not part of the programs started from the settlement. Since the collapse of the housing market, many companies have surfaced offering help with foreclosures. Homeowners then find themselves paying outrageous fees and accomplishing nothing. Most eventually still lose their homes. When the average consumer hears the term “free help”, they have been programmed to look the other way.

Loan Audit Experts LLC. supports this program and is the leading loan auditing firm specializing in comprehensive Chain of Title Assessments, Forensic, Chain of Title, and Securitization Mortgage Audits. We guarantee fast, but realistic and honest audit reporting based on facts.